Our Attorney Profiles And The Mission Of Our Firm

Howard & Howard, Attorneys-at-Law is a father and son team with an established history of providing cost-effective legal services to individual clients, small companies and corporations throughout Maryland. With a focus on estate planning and probate matters, we also have extensive experience in business law, real estate and aviation law as it pertains to the FAA and pilots.

Together, we bring over three decades of legal experience to bear on wills, trusts and probate and on every legal concern we take on. To find out a bit more about our education and experience, click on the links below:

The Value Of Working One-On-One

We know that some firms have reputation for “nickel and diming” clients. We do not believe this is conducive to good service or good relationship building. Here, we do not charge for telephone conversations, and we never have. We want you to feel comfortable calling us whenever an issue arises – without fear of being charged for every minute the question and answer take. We may be a bit old-fashioned, but we believe service is the hallmark of a good law firm. Of course, a broad base of knowledge, a deep understanding of the law and decades of experience are also needed for a firm to do well by its clients. We offer these as well.

Here For You When You Need Us

We make meetings with us easy. We offer phone and in-person meetings and also make house calls for clients who are unable to come to our offices. Wondering how and if we can help with your estate plan or other legal need? Call (800) 382-4488 or send us an email using this website contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.